Week 8 Run3 done! Did a little extra

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Week 8 Run3 done! Did a little extra

Post by achtung » Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:54 am

So with really cold weather outside (I have no tolerance for anything less than 60 deg F... :D
I hit the treadmill today, not looking forward to my run, set incline to level 1 (not 2 8-) ), and began...
After 15 min running, I felt as amazed as though I still had plenty left in me, channeled all my worries and responsibilites and just focused on my form and breathing - 25 min came up and I thought to myself, what If I push another 2 min at the end to prepare myself for the big 3-0 in 2 days...Claire came up as predicted at the 28 min mark, and I still had a little more energy left so I went for it...2 minutes into my cool down, I finally slowed down to my cool-down walk and did the full 5 min cool-down.

Gotta say I feel great, proud that I'm moving into week 9!!

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