Thank you!

Just starting out with Get Running? Chat about the basics of running, what clothes to wear, where to run... anything you like!
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Thank you!

Post by Kbux » Sun Jun 26, 2011 7:25 pm


Thank you so much for creating such a motivational and helpful app. It's life changing. What a difference it's made.

I am amazed that I am able to run 28 minutes comfortably. I'm only on week 8 don't want the app to stop.

From commencing running in week one where I was drinking loads of water on the runs and struggling to do 60 seconds of running and by sticking with the app and pushing each week just that little more I am loving running now. Its certainly an addictive app. I have so much more energy to run around after/with my kids now.

Please let me know when you develop another app to continue get running.

Thank you.

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