What to do about week 3 

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What to do about week 3 

Post by Wateredwin » Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:49 am

What to do about week 3 

I found myself looking at the next run last week, thinking that looks nice....

Now week 3, first run, starts to make your running longer than week 2 and your walking - less of  a supportive crutch;  I know what happens with me, longer runs means shorter strides, slower exaggerated upper body movements and more breathing, like running in treacle.  Why this is, I don't know, as I experiment with my breathing , separating it from the physics of running, that is such a good feeling that of being able to control and modulate the running and breathing sequence, so to make my frame do the running.  

My mind tells me otherwise: slow down,  don't over do it , it's okay to pace yourself and remember your only just starting this program. The apps voice ( nice lady , is she from Bristol or Cornwall ? ) will tell me 'your half way through' or 'ten seconds to go' or else some other motivating sentence.  

So what to do about week 3 
Will we con the mind?

My five minute warm up walk commenced with walk down the small lane from my house to the main road: no cars or hecklers there. Clad in a merino wool beany hat, yellow fluorescent vehicle breakdown vest, bright blue running  jacket, black legins and a pair of bright orange luminous Nike running shoes 
( yes it was getting dark, I however have a less bright day running apparel for the fashion police amongst you ) 

A short transfer from the lane to a pathway and then across a road to an un made cart track called 'hang mans lane' A muddy tree lined unmade road complete with the ability to send hairs on the back of your neck up to standing position. 

The app lady should have brought my run forward at this point, because it would have been a good motivation to run this stretch with pace ( a picturesque route in day time) she did however, start me running at the end of hang mans lane, sending me  down the hill through the plum tree orchards following the muddy tracks between the leafless trees on to the farmers track between the asparagus furrows and the sheep and finally on to the tarmac service road use by the local farm hands to access their cottages. The first walking session took most of the windy service road but the 'app lady told me to get ready for my next run, be it short, it was in 10 seconds, having looked about me I knew that the run would take me 'up hill on to Blaneys lane , all hill and all running 'the treacle time' thankfully the motivational pep talk from Mrs Bristol , got me to the top of the hill and  up in to the  long small track, passing the 19th century field workers dwellings and work huts to open meadow. All of which help with the remaining running tasks. However the debate was judging the halfway turnaround point! There was a time during the run in which I wanted to cheat the run, rather than extend it... The mentor had one last task to offer up ,  that of the cool down route starting and finishing through hangman lane !!! 

I am saving this route for the long runs ahead !!!! 

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