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by Li li
Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:23 pm
Forum: The Starting Line
Topic: Running With a Buddy
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Re: Running With a Buddy

Running alone at the moment but once I get outside I'm planning to do my running with my sister. We are already looking at some routes- I live by the sea so want to try some along the prom where there's no traffic so the fumes wont affect my asthma. Does anyone know of a good app for route planning ...
by Li li
Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:11 pm
Forum: The Starting Line
Topic: 20 minute run in week 5?!
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Re: Question about week 5

Well I did it! Got through the last of week 5s runs and felt good! However, have only been doing all my runs on the treadmill so i'm sure when i start to run outside it will be a lot different. I wanted to build my confidence with running first without the added hazards/difficulties of running outsi...
by Li li
Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:51 pm
Forum: The Starting Line
Topic: iPhone armband and Nike+
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Re: iPhone armband and Nike+

Hi guys, I've recently bought from Amazon a Marware sports shell (armband/outer shell/belt clip with protective screen). Been out several times for runs using the armband which has worked really well. Also comes with a hardcase protector which i keep on my iphone all the time. a belt clip fixes into...
by Li li
Wed Feb 17, 2010 6:48 pm
Forum: The Starting Line
Topic: Sticky: Introductions!
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Re: Sticky: Introductions!

Hello everyone! im loving the get running app. I've never been able to run although have kept quite fit up until 4 yrs ago when a rare illness caused paralysis in left leg from knee down. Have worked hard to walk again and now am so determined to run and beat my demons- this app has been perfect! My...