Spam – What to do…

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Spam – What to do…

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Over the last couple of weeks there's unfortunately been a lot more spam on the forum.

First – sorry: it's extremely annoying and gets in the way of the amazing posts you all write supporting, helping, advising and encouraging each other.

We're going to monitor this for a little longer and then decide if new anti spam measures need to be turned on. Matt (the web dude) is very short of time right now and doesn't want to make a rush decision that might impact the usability of the forum.

If you see a spam post though, please "report" the post so that we can delete it along with its author as soon as possible. Here's how…

Above each post there is a strip of buttons that look like this: "[Edit] [x] \!/ /!\ [Quote]". (Sorry about the dodgy ASCII art!) The third button, a downward pointing arrow with an "!" in it is used to report spam posts (or any other offensive post). Just press on this, and next time there is an administrator on, the spam post will be removed along with its author. Hopefully being able to mark the vile spam like this will also help you feel less annoyed by it – I find it very therapeutic anyway :-)

Thanks for being a brilliant member of the forum, and happy running!
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