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W5 R2 Complete! Happy Dance

Posted: Thu May 24, 2012 6:33 pm
by Lauraeliza30
I just got back from my W5 R2 run. It was only the 2nd time I have run outdoors and I am happy to say it was much easier than I could have expected. Funny thing happened. I was using a different app today called run meter. It is a program that keeps track of everything. The app has a c25k program but it is a little different but you can edit it to follow the get running app. I decided to use this app instead because of everything it tracks... I edited its version of a ten minute run to an eight minute run. On my second run something went a little funky on the app. I had an armband on to hold my phone so I could check the minutes that had past (a blessing or a curse? not quite sure yet). When i started running I was at the middle to the end of a song, then an entire song played, then half of another and I kept thinking I know I have got to be close to 8 minutes. When I never heard the cue to stop running after what seemed like over 8 minutes I ripped my arm band off the best way I could while trying not to stop completely. Come to find out that stupid app had me run for 9.18 minutes. I am super thrilled I made it that long but a bit perturbed at the app malfunction. LOL. I am on cloud nine right now. To go from the treadmill to an outside windy day and being able to finish at what I think was a pretty good pace just makes me feel so good. To think 5 weeks ago, I struggled through a minute of running. I LOVE this program, and at this very moment am feeling confident that I can manage the 20 minute run coming up for me on Saturday! There was even a little hill... and I mean little hill, but just to know I could run up it and it didn't seem that hard was such an accomplishment in itself.... our bodies are amazing little creatures, I tell ya! ;)