Week 9 (mon-wed-fri) by Linda231

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Re: Week 9 (mon-wed-fri) by Linda231

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That was a great time, well done! I'm going to have to think about entering a race soon. I know the route of the local 5k so after the program ends, I think I will follow the route just to see how it goes. Don't beat yourself up over not running though. You've had a big week, perhaps you just needed a slightlyshorter run
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Re: Week 9 (mon-wed-fri) by Linda231

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I did it! I did my week 8 run 1 yesterday and I made it through. I did it the day after my week 7 run 3 which I know I'm not supposed to do but I am having to play a game with the weather. I won't run in the morning before work, I am just not that motivated and hate to wait until late evening when it is cooler. I prefer to run on a weekday right after work which if it is a hot day it will still be hot. So I ran yesterday because basically the next three days will be scorchers! I feel like I can take a good rest until at least Sunday when I will try to run in the morning.

Anyway, my run on Wed was a great weather day and yesterday was still hot and I could notice the difference of what weather can do to you when running. I got sunburnt a little and I tried to stay in the shade! Colorado sun is brutal. Overall, the run wasn't easy and it wasn't too difficult. However, the last 7 minutes I did feel like I was getting overheated. I don't take the same route and I never know what street I may turn down when I run... it is half the fun for me so toward the end I tried taking streets that had the most trees. lol. I know I will get home eventually! ;) I'm so glad I got that first 28 minute run down! I feel like I did it once that the rest should be smooth sailing (or so I would like to believe!)

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Re: Week 9 (mon-wed-fri) by Linda231

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Linda I got the gluclisamune 2000 from Walmart. I didnt realize this stuff was everywhere! I'm taking two tablets a day. I've only just started. Also I really stretched out today after my runs and it seemed to help. Good luck to you!!!

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