Losing weight

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Re: Losing weight

Post by Biscottisblog »

Hi Everyone,

Since completing C25K, I run for 30 mins 3-4 times a week. My weight goes up and down by about 4 pounds on a regular basis but, I am a more toned size 12 which makes me look like I have lost weight! I too, love my food and although I eat healthy food and snacks regularly throughout the day, I still encounter random sugar crashes when running after work and don't have enough energy to carry on. Carbs are our friend in these situations I think!

I started running to take part in 'Race for Life' which is next weekend - am getting totally 'carbed up' the two days beforehand as I really want to run the whole way non-stop... well, that's the dream!

Happy running :D
biscottisblog.co.uk xx
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Re: Losing weight

Post by violabird »

Well I've just finished week 3 and I've lost 1 pound! It's a start!!

I feel so much better though, and have loads more energy so I'm trying not to worry about the weight too much right now!
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Re: Losing weight

Post by Hruns! »

I lost weight quite quickly at the start but it has slowed right down now, however as a couple of others have said my shape is still changing with my waist measurement still going down and am getting more toned especially my legs!! Still working at eating healthily and resisting chocolate cravings :-) so so chuffed with achieving this tho, just did run 2 of week 9 today!! V slow but def running :D !
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Re: Losing weight

Post by Emyle »


Just thought that I'd post a response to this topic.

I decided to start running to loose a bit of weight for my grad ball, and thought I was dreaming at the time. (I think I'm in the same position as you, not over weight but could do with loosing a couple of pounds.)

But after running 3 weeks I ended up losing 9lbs by running 3-4 days a week and cutting the junk food from my diet. :) As I discovered I was a little fitter than expected so was able to run longer. :)

Admittedly I have been a bit lazy lately, but I'm hoping to loose a little more. :) Hope you have fun running!!
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Re: Losing weight

Post by Nicjayrob »

I'm following slimming world aswell as running! And it is definately helping me lose weight. On weeks where i am on plan 100% & run 3 times a week i can lose upto 5lbs! Which i think is awsome! However, like others have already mentioned, u are more likely to see a change in your shape than an actual loss in weight. Try taking your measurements every couple of weeks & i'm sure u'll see a difference soon enough!!!!
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Re: Losing weight

Post by Leonie »

I haven't lost any weight and i am already in the 5th week. But my legs look different (more toned) and my waist and stomach look slimmer. I guess i am trading fat for muscle :lol:
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Re: Losing weight

Post by kathylhall »

Remember that the same area of muscle weighs more than the same area of fat.....so while you may not lose weight, you should gain muscle and a few lose inches--therefore getting more fit (and presumably, smaller) but not actually losing weight.

Does that even make sense?
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Re: Losing weight

Post by masands »

I just finished week 6. So far I have not lost any weight but the shorts I used to run with 6 weeks ago simply don't fit me anymore (I tried running with them the other day and they slipped to me feet :lol: ) and I need to wear a belt on all my jeans now. So I guess we are simply trading fat for muscle and my Mum says my legs, waist, shoulders etc look so much thinner :)
Excuse me now, I need to find myself some clothes that fit.
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Re: Losing weight

Post by starbuckmoxie »

I have had a similar experience to masands. I am on week 7 and I haven't really lost any significant weight - maybe 2-3 pounds. I wasn't especially large to begin with, though, so I did not have much to lose and was not really trying to, anyway. My problem was not being overweight, it was being horrifically out of shape! Interestingly, though, I have gone down 2 pants sizes. I just had to go shopping to buy new pants because I was having trouble keeping my old ones up, and I can't really have them falling off while I'm at work. Heh. So people are not lying when they say this program really tones you up!
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Re: Losing weight

Post by Eden »

I have just finished the C5K and loved it! Never ran before, had a hard time getting through the first session but kept it up and now I can run over 30+ minutes. Yeah! I am 37, 125 pounds, and a little discouraged because I do not see any difference. I am not looking to lose weight but I really would love to be more toned. When should this start?
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