Will work for knees?!

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Will work for knees?!

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Just finished W2D2. Had some soreness in the knees before first run this week, pushed through alright. In fact, week 2 has gone well thus far....except, like a number of you (per other posts), today my knees fought a battle. It was odd to not have the cardio beat down that I had first week, but have to fight mentally and physically my knees.

Made it through today, but really had shortened, not great strides....much less push, due to knees.
Left knee really bad right now.

Should have taken the day off, probably. Ironically, tomorrow I had a trip planned to get fitted (properly) for new shoes. I know that will help.

Got ice on them both now. Just joining most of you with the knee issues. Upside is that when in pain, it encourages some research, and consequently, I have a much better notion of how the muscles are connected and work with (and against) each other.

As always, best of luck to everyone. It's all a learning process.
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