My knee!!

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My knee!!

Post by stacey27 »


My left knee hurts. It niggled yesterday during run and I iced/elevated it.

This morning, it doesn't hurt as such, but going up and down stairs I can feel a 'nervy' pain.

Any ideas?
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Re: My knee!!

Post by Chazabelle »

Hi Stacey!

I think it's probably your trainners. I had exactly the same problem. It started in week 2 and progressively got worse. Going up and down stairs was terrible. By week 3 I had enough and went to get fitted for new trainners. It was the best money I have ever invested! Havent had so much as a niggle since.
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Re: My knee!!

Post by Chrissyteacup »

I had the same at the beginning new trainers fixed it was worth spending the extra to get them from a running shop an getting the lovely me's advice
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