Well thats it started then!

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Well thats it started then!

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Hi guys/girls,

My name is Brian and i downloaded the get running app last night and i thought i'd try the first run today. :?

Well what can i say? I always thought i was pretty fit but boy was i wrong that first run took it out of me and I have been going training quite a bit recently.

Still I didn't think the pace and distance were to bad (2.45 miles at a pace of 12:04 mins/mile) but this needs to improve drastically if i'm going to meet my goal of running 1.5 miles in under 10 mins and playing football again this season at the age of 29 :o . Will I do it? I hope so just have to keep with it and see where it leads me.

Hope everyone else is doing well and reaching their goals and targets.

Good Luck and Respect. :D
From Gosport
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