On go the sneakers

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On go the sneakers

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So I attempted W1R1 today, and I do mean attempted! I didn't make it the whole way through, with 1 run and the cool down to go I started getting a calf cramp and stitches. That run really cemented the fact that I am unfit and that I need to do something to change that fact. At the end of this 9 weeks id like to be 4 kg lighter and fit enough to walk up the mountain near my house without having to turn around half way! I can do this, but I might need a kick up the bum to keep persevering :D :lol:
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Re: On go the sneakers

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Well done, it's hard to get going but you've made that first step it's all worth it and something to be proud of :D it will get easier honest. I was like you and was a complete novice to running and I'll admit I never ever thought I would enjoy it but I'm up to 20 runs and loving it!!
Keep running ;)
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