My Get Running Story (So Far)

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My Get Running Story (So Far)

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Hi all,

I resolved at the start of the year to adopt a healthier lifestyle (and hopefully lose some weight in the process) before my 30th birthday in September:

1. Eat more healthily (yep)
2. Get fit (working on it)
3. Quit smoking (soon, I promise!)

Since then, my partner and I had been going for walk/jogs for a few months, but without any real structure or goal in mind - we were basically doing W1 R1 over and over again. Like many people here, I read about Get Running in Charlie Brooker's latest book so I decided to give it a go.

I run extremely slowly, as I'm focusing on building my stamina as part of a very long-term lifestyle change. But I've surprisingly not had any ill effects from the running - no pain in my muscles, shins or knees.

At the start of the year I weighed 85.9kg and I'm now 81.8kg. Of that 4.1kg loss, 1.3kg has been since I started Get Running. I'm so close to getting my BMI below 30 and out of the obese range!

This morning my partner and I conquered the dreaded W5 R3 and ran for 20 minutes straight with no breaks. I'm amazed that I managed it, and feeling very proud of myself. I've been full of energy today and I'm really looking forward to my next run! I think this is definitely the start of a new lifestyle for us.

There is an organisation called parkrun which holds free weekly 5km timed runs around the world. I'm due to graduate from Get Running on 21 May if all goes to plan so I'm really hoping to join my local parkrun for its 1st birthday on 8 June!

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