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Week 9 Run 1

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:35 am
by Mahnster1
Tomorrow morning is week 9 run 1. This program has already accomplished everything I hoped and more. I did week 8 more like week 9 and last Saturday, week 8 run 3, I found myself in a 5K honoring a friends daughter lost to cancer. It was a wonderful cause and figured I would get w8 r3 out of the way. I warmed up by walking 5 min before the race. I have not run in a group for a very long time, and when the race started there was a lot of temptation to take off with the group. Fortunately, my better judgement took over. I kept a steady pace. The minutes added up. Soon I was at 25, then Clair said I was at 28. I had been sneaking up to 30 all week so I figured I would go on. Run keeper then said I was at 30. I wasn't done yet and at 33 my cool down walk was supposed to be done, but I was still running. At that point, I saw the finish line and thought "I can do this" and kept going. I was finally close enough to see the clock, it was coming up hard on 36 min. I pushed out all I had left and managed to get to the line at 35:56 on the clock. Slower than molasses in winter, but for me, I never broke the run. I was amazed, thrilled, elated, you name a good emotion, I felt it. It was an amazing feeling!

Only 9 weeks prior, before I started C25K, I could run no more than 5 min straight (on a good day) and I was spent, now here I was actually running a full 5K. Many folks on here relayed both their successes and their set backs. Every stories was an inspiration and motivated me to keep going. During the program, I got a bad pair of socks and blistered both my heels..used band aids for that. Walked my way into a case of shin splints by doing too much too some great advice here, got better shoes and an extra day of rest and got past that. Tightened my new shoes a little too tight and got a blister on my foot...treated it best I could and got through the 5K. I took 2 days off after the 5K and the blister feels pretty good, so back at it tomorrow to finish the program. On top of that, I lost 1 stone during the program to go along with 1 stone the 12 weeks prior on diet alone.

If you are new to this and stumbled on my post, I highly encourage you to read through the numerous posts and inspiring stories. I can almost guarantee that someone has a story similar to yours. That person put aside their hardship and succeeded using this program. Good Luck, you can do it!