Anxiety to run on the street

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Anxiety to run on the street

Post by achtung »

So now that the runs are rather lengthy on week 7... I've developed some anxiety about my runs. So much that for day 2, I resorted to the treadmill. Don't get me wrong I am able to run sustained 25 min, but I am finding the street runs difficult. Challenges like elevation changes, switching from street to uneven sidewalk, dodging traffic, crossing streets etc. On the treadmill today the run was easier as all I had to do was focus on the running and breathing and just to renew my interest again, I ran at elevation 0 but maintained 5mph the entire time, something I can't easily know for sure on the streets. Oh and it's 48 deg F in northeastern USA now when I run mornings so I am wearing layers and the cold makes it that more difficult.

For you seasoned runners on week 8 and beyond, any advice to cure my street running anxiety?
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Re: Anxiety to run on the street

Post by starknut »

The thing is, you should be enjoying yourself. And if you enjoy your treadmill runs more, stick with that for now. If I were you, I'd turn the incline to 1 or 2% to better simulate an outdoor run, though. In case you decide to get back outside, this makes the transition a little easier.
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Re: Anxiety to run on the street

Post by achtung »

OK, so contrary to what I previously posted, I found a nearby large empty park and ran outside this time. I managed to complete my last day of week 7 run 3 but still dread the last 5 minutes of running (had lots of thoughts running across my head of quitting) but I pushed through although not by much completed this run.

2 days from now, it'll be 3 minutes longer...ugh.
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Re: Anxiety to run on the street

Post by benjohn »

Hi Achtung,

Well done with getting out there and finishing the run! Nice one :-)

If you are apprehensive about the next increment, then don't do it! Wait until you feel less apprehensive and more ready, and do it then. As Starknut says, it's much much better to enjoy the runs, or at least, enjoy the feeling of success and feel it's something you want to do again. If you are running, you're getting better, trust me. That's enough.

You can tell Get Running you want to do week 7 when it's moved you to week 8, do this:
• Tap on week 7 and it will become selected in blue.
– the background text will change to tell you about week 7,
– the button at the bottom will change to read "Run Week 7".
• Tap on the run button. Get Running will ask if you really want to jump to week 7. Confirm that you do and then the run will start.

I repeated several weeks a number of times when I went through the program the first time.

Keep up your good work! Happy running,
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Re: Anxiety to run on the street

Post by alanmcd »

It is tough to find fifteen minutes worth of uninterrupted run path, and especially if you are feeling some need for variety as I felt at week seven and beyond. I had to extend my warmup to 6 minutes to brisk walk to a major intersection and then started my runs after the crossing lights.

As for repeating runs you successfully completed, I suggest not to. I attempted the program several times with a strategy of repeating runs until feeling ready for the next run, and always ended up quitting in fear and poor confidence.

This time I decided I would only repeat a run if I failed to complete that run, and in fact knowing I would have to repeat if I gave in to my doubts while running actually helped me finish the final minutes of the W7 runs. I decided to trust 'Claire' during the runs, but I also knew that I was right at the edge of my endurance and each successful run plus recovery was making me stronger and teaching my body to endure a longer time at the zone 4/5 threshold.

W7R3 wiped my strength completely. Up to that run, I had found reserve energy to walk the mall with the wife later, but after the W7R3 I felt spent, drained, finished. I decided I needed more than just three days recovery. I wanted to continue to have success on each new run, so I waited until I felt fully recovered.

It took 12 days, and I woke up one day and realized I wanted to run again and I felt strong enough mentally and physically to run that extra 3 minutes Claire was going to push me to. I continued having success and progress by recovering a few extra days after each run. Some of the runs I kept running an extra 30 seconds or more, but after each run I felt totally drained, again at or just beyond my limit. BUT, I had completed the run so I knew that after recovery my body would be stronger.

Trust the program. Trust your successes. Push forward when ready, but my advice is to never repeat what you successfully completed. (And be in tune with your body.)

Btw I used runkeeper with getrunning to get more info on my body. I could see that I was slowing down and my heart rate was often in zone 5 which cannot be sustained indefinitely. My W9R3 I decided I was ready to run as a 5k instead of a timed run, and dropped the intensity and time of my warmup to 3 minutes ( which meant planning a new run path in my local neighborhood), and I switched to iSmoothRun and visited Claire after the run to keep the getrunning app in sync with my progress.


Just noticed your post was october. Hope all went well.
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Re: Anxiety to run on the street

Post by Lizzy78 »

Guys I am so nervous to run with my husband. He is a runner and I feel I will let him down. Any pointers?
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