W1R1 breathing difficulties

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W1R1 breathing difficulties

Post by goose87 »

Hi everyone!

3 days ago I started the W1R1 and I completed half the runs before I was stuffed from breathing difficulties. I'm 23 and have asthma and hyperinflation of my lungs. I don't feel that I pushed myself, but usually when I get exercise-induced asthma it may last several hours afterwards. This time I had a tight chest for close to 48 hours.

I think I'm going to try W1R1/2 again today, this time taking the necessary puffer 30mins before I start. Has anyone else had to overcome substantial breathing problems? Any tips?

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Re: W1R1 breathing difficulties

Post by Otter05 »

If you have exercised induced asthma then you need to take the (usually blue,salbutamol) inhaler before you run. You also need to take it with you in case you have problems on your run. Frustrating as it may be, start slower than the programme suggests until you can gauge how your breathing is reacting. If your asthma is very irratic or these simple measures don't resolve your problems then talk to your GP as a different inhaler may help. Overall being fitter will benefit your lungs.
Good luck
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Re: W1R1 breathing difficulties

Post by benjohn »

Hi Otter05,

Thanks very much for replying – it sounds like you know what you're talking about!

Goose87, if you want to, feel free to create some additional weeks of training by just cutting short the current week one sessions. You can stop a run by pressing on the "x" at the bottom right. If you then tap "Finish and Mark Complete" the run will be put in your log. You can always remove the run later (tap on the cogs icon in the app, and then chose "Run Management").

Hope that's helpful, and very well done getting started out!

Happy running,
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