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Forum Spam

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:24 am
by matt
My apologies for this week's influx of spam on the forums.

There's been a sharp increase in spam recently, according to our anti-spam provider, Akismet, and that coincided with me heading off to spend much of last weekend in a cellar in Cornwall at a beer festival, which isn't entirely conducive to spam-fighting :)

Luckily our automated spam-fighting system caught most of it (you should *see* the amount of "hey, I stopped this post because it looked dodgy" emails I got from it while I was away...) Sadly some will always slip through.

Things should be getting back to normal now. I've stopped new registrations by spammy users, and this week I'll be gradually squashing the remainder of the spammers who managed to register over the weekend.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks especially to our lovely forum regulars who've been reporting the suspicious stuff :)