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I was up to week six and really enjoying the programme and really proud of myself having never been a runner. For the last 3 weeks I have been crippled with sciatica with shooting pains. This has been absolute agony with me on one occasion almost passing out in agony. I have tried everything from painkiller, TENS machine, physio and acupuncture. Gp now prescribed me amitriptyline which I really don't want to take. Only thing that really helped was acupuncture which I had this week but this lasted a couple of days with relief. Having this again next week.

My question is I feel this is due to my running. Has anyone had this and have you got any advice. Is it because I was running on pavement/road. I am going to get assessed properly for some trainers which suit my feet. Have to say I am nervous about running again!
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Re: Sciatica

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Hi Kashers,

I see your post is a few months old, so I'm taking a chance that you still visit this site. I am no expert, but I had sciatica with one of my pregnancies. The only other time it affected me was after one run on the treadmill where a great song came on and I got a little too into the run. I was suddenly running like I was on my way to the dance floor! I felt it for a couple of weeks after that. But once the pain went away, I ran again and just made sure not to "dance-run" and to also stretch really well (especially hamstring stretches) after every run. So my advice is to have a knowledgeable person assess your gait/stance, and stretch those hamstrings :)

Best of luck to you, I know how painful it can be!
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