Wii Fit free jogging

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Wii Fit free jogging

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Hi everyone, I had many issues with getting outside for my second run - nowhere to put my phone, asthma puffer, headphones falling out and the heat. I was worried that I wouldn't get out there again and would have had to wait until next week to buy my 'running supplies'. But I'm back from a run in my living room! I set the Wii Fit Plus up on 'free jogging' 30 mins, put on some music and had my iPhone play c25k. I happily walked and jogged my way through it. I wont do it every run, but it's a good place to start. I feel so good! :)
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Re: Wii Fit free jogging

Post by benjohn »

:-) Fantastic – good thinking!

Hope the next outdoor run will work better!
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