Week 4 and still running

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Week 4 and still running

Post by Klinkham »

Hi fellow runners:
I am 49 years old and never tried running. I always hated it, but did other sports instead like biking. When I tried my first run 4 weeks ago, I could barely make it through the first one minute runs. I know love it and I am looking forward to each new challenge. After I finished week four runs today, I ran an extra 2x7 minute run without getting out of breath. Thank you for this great program. It really works!
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Re: Week 4 and still running

Post by LordOberon »

I'm like you but 51 years old. Running was a no-no. I like biking and swimming but don't do it enough.

Now just finished w5r3 and am pleased as punch at finally running for so long as 20 mins, super slowly albeit!

Keep up the good work.
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Re: Week 4 and still running

Post by tracylacey73 »

Hi Klinkham and Lord Oberon! And Lord Oberon, I love that name, assuming you are of the Martells :)

How are you doing? I just finished week 6 run 3, and need to re-run it. I took a one month break (due to bad prioritizing) before running it... so the other day I re-ran W6r2 thinking it would help. I think it did, but not enough. I ended up having to walk more of the 25 minute run than I am happy with. Hoping you have both done better if you are there yet, but curious to know your experience.

Best of luck,
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