Will I see my body change??

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Will I see my body change??

Post by Eimi87 »

Hey everyone!

Today I completed week 3 day 1 and I'm hoping that if I continue with this app I will be able to run 5km constant but I'd also love to slim my thighs and flatten tummy. Should I see results?? I also do weight training twice a week.
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Re: Will I see my body change??

Post by Tinydancer83 »

Hi Eimi,

I've just done week 2 run 3 so not as far ahead as you. I have already noticed changes in my body, my waist seems a little smaller, my legs and bum are feeling firmer. (Very pleased - long may it continue)

I think running will provide results but perhaps it depends what your starting point is. For instance, if you are already slim and fit - the changes may not be so obvious?

If you are looking specifically at those areas - your weight training could focus on them too - but be careful not to overdo it :)

Good luck and let us know how you get on :)
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