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App Update – Testers Please!

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:35 pm
by benjohn

If you have been using Get Running recently, you'll probably have noticed a message from Apple mentioning that it needs updating, otherwise it will cease working with iOS 11, which will probably be release in September.

The update is Get Running 1.12.1.

As well as being a 64 bit App, it has a completely new audio system. This should improve on the current one. What should happen:

1. If you don't listen to music, that's fine – not a new feature.
2. If you listen to music, it should be faded – not a new feature.
3. If you listen to a podcast, the podcast will _pause_, and then resume when Get Running has finished its coaching – new thing.
4. It should be more tolerant to interruptions by other apps, and should even be okay it the iPhone audio system crashes and restarts – new thing.

So, … 3 and 4 are improvements over the current system, and I've had a lot of requests (for a few years!) to add 3! There is a switch for it in the current App, but it's broken – the switch is gone in 1.12.1 – it should just happen automatically.

However, … unlike almost any other programming I've ever done, the iPhone audio system, at least for an App like Get Running, is _really_ complex. So, while I've tested a lot, it's hard to know that I've not messed something up. For this reason, I'd love to get further testing by actual Get Running users.

If you can help test and try the new 64bit app early, please drop me an email at: "beta-test (at) getrunningapp (dot) com".

Thanks! And happy running!