Not long enough?

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Not long enough?

Post by Saranova »

Hiya! Long time lurker, first time poster :)

My question is: Does anyone else feel like the scheduled runs aren't enough? I just finished week three and although it's been 10 years since I last ran a high school track meet (which I was terrible at, btw), I don't feel like the scheduled runs are long enough. So what I've started doing is extending my runs by repeating the second half of the run right before the cooldown. Thoughts?
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Re: Not long enough?

Post by LeonT »


I think the thing you have to remember is that there are people with massively varying degrees of fitness that use this program, therefore, what you may find straightforward, particularly in the first few weeks, somebody else will find difficult. You could skip a few weeks to a week that you feel will test you more but I personally think you should stick with the program. I was in a similar position to you but I decided to persevere. See if you feel the same way after run 2/3 of week 4....these were the runs that really started to test me.

Good luck!
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Re: Not long enough?

Post by Flossiross »

For the past week (just finished week 5) I have been continuing on after the program ends to the 5k distance. I walk most of the remaining distance, but always run the last 3 tenths of the run. I do this because I will be running over the finish line in my first 5k, which is coming up before I will be done with this program.
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