Week 2 day 1

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Week 2 day 1

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Wow... made it through the first week no problem. Was a little nervous about this run today, 90 seconds seemed like a long time to run, lol... the thing that surprised me was how much longer it actually feels when running. I guess I got used to the 60 second so well that the 90 was long. I had no problems doing it thankfully, but found myself looking at the timer quite a bit!!

I am just happy that so far my knees are co-operating and my calves havn't decided to seize up on me!
Shanna :)

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Re: Week 2 day 1

Post by caffrin »

Hi i'm starting week 2 on Monday and am a bit worried I wont be able to make it. I am thankful for the 2 minute walk though!

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