Running Blogs

Just starting out with Get Running? Chat about the basics of running, what clothes to wear, where to run... anything you like!
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Running Blogs

Post by benjohn »

If you blog about your running, then please add a link here so that everyone can be inspired, or help you ride through the touch times!

Feel free to add a few relevant snips from the blog, or bits of bio.

I'm going to kick off with a link to Matt's running blog. Matt's the Get Running web man, and he started running last summer. He takes a lot of nice photos while he's running (I suppose Matt probably stops to actually take the photo, but I'm not completely sure), and those are often in the blog too.

Happy Reading!
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Re: Running Blogs

Post by Dawn »

Matt's blog is brilliant - I love the video footage..... who took that - you didn't set your camera on your own did you Matt? ..... and yours is really interesting too (linked from his) - very good to read about your first run and testing the app. Once I have finished this essay I will read more....right now I am recognising that all of this is just another avoidance strategy!!! lol

Thanks for this tho - really really interesting stuff :)

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Re: Running Blogs

Post by benjohn »

Here's Lillian's Blog about going through the C25K with Get Running. Lillian has decided that she is going to set two goals: to go through the program once, building up to running for half an hour, and then to go through some of it again, with the intention of upping her speed so she can cover more ground in the 30 minutes.
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Re: Running Blogs

Post by Lisae »

Hi. I'm on week 4 of couch to 5k and I'm blogging it if anyone's interested. Up to now I've found it hard (mainly because of asthma) so there's quite a bit of complaining, but hopefully it will get better!
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Re: Running Blogs

Post by barefootinvermont »

I started a running blog a few weeks ago. I'm doing the C25K program (with the help of Get Running) and using Vibram FiveFingers KSO's on trails in Vermont. Check it out if you're curious:

Happy Running!
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Re: Running Blogs

Post by Biscottisblog »


I started running as a complete beginner a couple of months ago and am blogging about it - Check out my 'Gym Bunny' section! Here is a quick bit from when I first started training and refused to run outside...

"But what can I tell you? I’m a beginner and taking all this running stuff 1 training day at a time, this includes only exposing my tomato coloured jogging face within the safe confines of the gym for now..!"

...and a snippet from one of my latest posts...

"After many weeks of complaining to Nick the Trainer that I wasn’t making any progress, out of the blue, my running gene has finally kicked in! Next step; getting fitted with real runners shoes (cause I’m a proper runner! :o)"

Please comment on anything you find interesting and advice is always most welcome!

Happy Running! :D
Biscotti x
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Re: Running Blogs

Post by TwinMama »

Hi all! I just started the C25K program this week and I am blogging about it (as well as trying to lose weight and get healthy). Feel free to check out my blog at

Looking forward to reading the other blogs posted here and getting to know you guys better!
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Re: Running Blogs

Post by NervousNewbie »

I need to do this to keep me continuing. I've just quickly set up a blog so it's nothing special, here it is I often start things and don't finish them so hopefully this will keep me going. If I don't post for a while give me a nudge!
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Re: Running Blogs

Post by Roldahayes »

I'm a classic "Never finish anything kind of person" so hopefully, writing this blog will keep me motivated enough to get to the magic 5K!


Darren ;)
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Re: Running Blogs

Post by violabird »

Hi all,

As I've posted elsewhere, I'm Grace, 28, based in Hampshire, UK.

I started a blog (my first ever so bear with me!) when I started the Get Running challenge 3 weeks ago, although I totally forgot to write in it for a while so it's not overflowing with entries at the moment!

Do feel free to have a nose and comment, I feel pretty motivated at the moment but will no doubt appreciate support as time goes on!
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