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Just starting out with Get Running? Chat about the basics of running, what clothes to wear, where to run... anything you like!
Born to Plod
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Re: Running Blogs

Post by Born to Plod »

Just added my race report for the Bedford Half Marathon, spread over two rambling nonsense-filled posts. May contain velociraptors..

Enjoy. If you like that sorted thing :D
Been running for nearly a year but still feel like a complete beginner. Which is good, because I run like one too. Anyway, I like to blog about my escapades. Feel free to point your interweb at

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Re: Running Blogs

Post by JoelGwood »

Hey, all! I've just set up a blog, and hope to keep it going as I progress through this awesome journey!

Starts With 1 Step

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Re: Running Blogs

Post by Stephlperry76 »

Hi Everyone,
I just started a blog on running/weight loss. Please become a member, follow me, and leave comments pleeeeease!


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Re: Running Blogs

Post by NeilHughes1 »

Just completed Week 1, and to make sure I don't give up or lose hope I will update my blog each week to hopefully motivate myself and others.

If I can do this anyone can :)

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Re: Running Blogs

Post by NeilHughes1 »

If you visit it is quite easy to setup your blog.
Find yourself a free theme, then start documenting your journey. There is quite a good support network over there too, if you have any questions. is also very popular but I cannot help you with this one.

DM me if you need any help mate, I could help you get setup if you have any problems.

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Re: Running Blogs

Post by Mandy123 »

I love Lillian's Blog she is amazing.

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Re: Running Blogs

Post by Wombat »

Started week Two Run 1 for training for my 5K all is well no 911 calls always a good day!!!!…..There is an issue of about half a tenth value of Neutron shielding (Hydrogenous Material) which has to go…..Great running song from Called Drunken Lullabies below Irish alternative!

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Re: Running Blogs

Post by couchto5katy »

I just finished week one and came here for extra support. I started blogging two days before my first run. You can follow my progress here:

Good luck to everyone!

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Re: Running Blogs

Post by hammeredk »

Well ok, add me to the list of bloggers. After being out a coupe weeks on knee injury, I decided to start a blog that includes gear/shoe nerdery and so forth as well.

Back out there now, started back on Week 3 runs. Ready to keep on going.

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Re: Running Blogs

Post by Timl2k10 »

Not a blog per se, but I'm on Week 3 and you can keep track of my progress here, including a weight loss goal. You can also join and encourage me! :D

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