sidelined by 'injury' week 4

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sidelined by 'injury' week 4

Post by babez007 »

I am so annoyed. I made it to week 4, got through the first run, and then the pain from another issue became to much to bear. I cannot do anything without being in pain right now, it really gets me down. I was doing so well and was proud of what I had done. I go back to the doc tomorrow so maybe some pain meds can keep it in check so I can run again... otherwise I might have to suck it up and run through the pain. (the pain is NOT running related)
Not doing my run yesterday almost killed me, today was no better... don't want to go to many days without a run, don't want to fall backwards!

Wish me luck :)
Shanna :)
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Re: sidelined by 'injury' week 4

Post by mattym »

That sucks. I have been ill and had to take extra time before starting week 4 but it wasnt too bad running it, I think the extra rest time actually helped so maybe if the doc can fix whatever parts are broken you can pick right up where you left off.
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