Sticky: Got Running? Take a Picture!

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Sticky: Got Running? Take a Picture!

Post by matt »

Hello, all!

We've put together a little "hall of fame" of people who've got running. You can see it in the sidebar if you visit the main page of the site. This is for pictures of anyone who's been through the Couch to 5K with Get Running.

We'd love to add pictures of anyone who's run their first event -- a race, a fun run, anything like that. We'll also happily take any picture of Get Running users enjoying a run, or having finished a run, race or not :)

If you'd like to take part, please send a photo to, along with a short description ("Heather MacDonald, finishing the Loch Lomond Charity 5K!") and confirmation that you'd be happy for your picture to be used on the site.



PS: Mine looks like this!
(Matt, left, finishing the Bristol 10K in 2010)
Matt. Splendid Things web guy and Android developer. Started running with Get Running in 2009. Three 10Ks and six half-marathons done since then :)
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Re: Sticky: Got Running? Take a Picture!

Post by Mandy123 »

How long did the ten k take you?
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Re: Sticky: Got Running? Take a Picture!

Post by nicned3 »

I uploaded a photo taken earlier this month at a charity fun run. It was a 5k race which I completed with my 5 month old daughter. It took us 42 minutes with a combination approach of walking and running.
The experience inspired me to train for another 5k in February. I just completed my 1st run of week 1 :-)
Santa Run Dec' 12.
Santa Run Dec' 12.
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