I'm so scared! 1st timer!

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I'm so scared! 1st timer!

Post by Kabama »

Hi All,

Ok so i have bought the app, have looked at it (a lot) and aim to actually use it tomorrow morning...

A bit of a background on me - i have never EVER been a runner. As a kid i had zero interest in running about unless it was kiss chase so after the age of 15 when sports were not compulsary anymore i gave up on any kind of stamina based sports. Countless lbs later i find myself at 200lb, 5ft 7, with 40lbs to lose EEEK! I have tried to run in fits and starts but i always end up with a burning feeling in my throat and i stop, i struggle with the breathing, i breathe too slow i think. I have also told people that i am not built to run, i carry too much boob etc etc, but i'm just making excuses right?

I do take part in competative sports (roller derby) and on skates i can go do my thing, but my stamina still sucks. I also get a real tightness and ache in my calves and shins when i do try a daddy shuffle style job, and to be honest i am a bit of a wimp.

I have really high hope for this, i want to tone up, slim down, get fit, really, really fit...

Does anyone have any tips for the scared first timer??

PS - also, does anyone know of a REALLy good sports bra?

Kabama x
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Re: I'm so scared! 1st timer!

Post by jwhite »

i'm on week four and was simular to you, 5'3" about 40lbs to lose, was never a runner or a sporty person at all. i always said that i just wasn't built for it. too much up front!
i was also the same when i started, sore calves, out of breath, felt like vomiting!
i slowed my pace when running and upped my pace a bit when walking, then redid the week at a slightly faster pace. so basically it's taken me about six weeks to get to week four.
i'm nearly finished week four and think i'm addicted to it!

a good sports bra is by freya, (http://www.bravissimo.com) it's where i get my bras, they go up to a kk cup as far as i know.

i also use the runkeeper app at the same time, cos it records your distance and average speed and all that, and stores it, so you can look back and see how many kms/miles you've done over the past week or two, it's nice to see your progress.

stick with it, you'll start to love it!
what country are you in?
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Re: I'm so scared! 1st timer!

Post by Ruthyo »

I was just like you, never run before and until 9 weeks ago, never thought I would, but tomorrow morning I am doing my final run on the app!! :) A bit sad really but will continue to run the 30 min runs an try to up my speed as I continue.
I have managed to complete every run on the programme and not had to repeat any of them, so very chuffed!

Oh, and I'm 52!

Good luck with running, you can do it, and will enjoy it!!
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Re: I'm so scared! 1st timer!

Post by Pushingit »

Go for it you can do it - I used to be fit in my early twenties but even then I hated running - now weighing 205lbs at 5'3" and late 30's you can imagine how unsuited I feel to running - but I've just done wk 2 run 1 and it was a little harder than wk 1 but I still did it and even got into an ok rhythm - my tips from personal experience would be
1: if you've done no exercise at all up to now start off with walking for a few days first - the first time I tried this app I went from zero to jogging and by wk 2 my knees and ankles were very sore - this time I started off walking first and it eased my limbs into the idea of exertion - knees and ankles happy out so far
2: has to be the sports bra - it's nearly a workout in itself to get into them but sooo worth it - much easier breathe when they're not bouncing all over the place
3: pick a nice level route to start off
4: put some favorite tunes with a good beat on your iPod and sing along (in your head) it helps the minutes go faster and you're not listening to your own breathing and worrying about the availability of an oxygen mask!!

Go for it and good luck
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Re: I'm so scared! 1st timer!

Post by KeepTrying »

Good luck! Just completed week 1, run 1. Only 9 weeks to go. Nice to have the friendly voice in my ear.
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Re: I'm so scared! 1st timer!

Post by AliM »

Congratulations. This is the beginning of a fantastic journey . I'm not a natural runner at all and really struggled with the first few weeks. It's mainly the breathing thing with me. More gasping than breathing.... I never worry about creeping up behind people like a ninja, they can hear me like puffing billy from a mile off!!! But it is getting better. Week 6 run 2 tomorrow.
Keep going and keep posting . DON'T BE SCARED IT WILL BE FINE!!
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Re: I'm so scared! 1st timer!

Post by Sally »

Hi Kabama,

I have just purchased myself a sports bra in my second week of the app. First week was so difficult not having one but when I got out there with one on it became so much easier! I bought myself a shock absorber (name of the make) sports bra and I love it! I believe they got up to a HH size. You can get them from department stores like Debenhams. It is now my life saver!

Good luck for your runs - I think someone has already mentioned that you will become addicted to it! I am! I am already itching to get back out for a run.

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Re: I'm so scared! 1st timer!

Post by prettypistol »

Just remember to be kind to yourself. Go at your favorite time of day, pick a place you think is pretty, take a friend or a dog (having my dog was a huge help) and do what you can when you can. You're the only one judging yourself, so instead be proud you've decided to get moving in the first place.

Oy. I hate bra shopping, and sports bra's seem to be extra difficult. Why do they make them so stretchy now anyways?! Everyone I try on just gives me one giant uniboob slapping me in the face.

Good luck!

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Re: I'm so scared! 1st timer!

Post by chipset »

Good luck. I have never been a fan of running. There are good days and bad days. But i found that I missed running if I skipped a couple days. And I don't even like to run.

Listen to your body. And commit to just that run. Don't think about the next one until you finish your current run.

If I can do it, so can you.
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Re: I'm so scared! 1st timer!

Post by Rn_squirt »

I am so understanding of your breathing issues! I have just compketed w1r1 and feel like i shoukd be pulling an oxygen tank behind me. Course if I could lose this extra 40 # person Im carrying maybe it will get better, I sure hope so because I am looking forward to be in better shape than I am now :D
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