week 4 trouble

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week 4 trouble

Post by Dan »

I think this app is great and the first 3 weeks were a breeze. Couldn't believe I was actually enjoying running, and making noticeable progression. My problem came in week 4 (which I have re-visited twice now). I simply cannot complete the second 5 min run without having to stop because I'm completely out of breath, basically I'm breaking down this last run into 2 x 2.5 min runs, and as yet I don't seem to be able to get past this. Amy similar experiences or advice? Am determined to stick with it but becoming a bit disheartened...

NB. I am slightly over weight and although I used to visit a gym semi-regularly, I haven't done any real exercise ina couple of years.
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Re: week 4 trouble

Post by benjohn »

Hi Dan,

Very well done on your progress, you're doing superbly, and you're going to finish :-)

So, the first thought, can you run slower? :-) I've said this lots of times – getting to running, for me, was in a large part about finding the pace that I could sustain over a reasonable distance. I found that as I went through the program I had to keep on assessing this again and again. At the start I had to slow down to a lot slower than my instinct told me I should run. In the middle, I think I needed to slow again. Later on, close to the end and after finishing, I started to find I could begin to go a little quicker.

I'm pretty sure that if you try it out, you'll find you can slow down your pace a little more. You can always work later on getting your speed up. At the moment, it's about building confidence and stamina.

Let me know how you find that, and if it doesn't work, maybe there's something else to try out.

(oh – food: make sure you avoid a heavy meal and just having something light and carby, like a banana, half an hour before)
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Re: week 4 trouble

Post by Dawn »

Hi Dan,

Benjohn gives the best advice... Slowing right down if things are tough usually helps me out...but I also wonder if you fell like I do when I run? The first runs are really hard, but if you can get through them the last are easy? I have mentioned it a lot before in this forum but I still have to do some 1x1 run walks to warm up before starting the days scheduled run, I have done as many as five or six, then I can get through anything. I am trying to break this habit know though and last week did my first 30 mins with only the 1 x 1 min run.

I also am trying to just remember all the time that I'm doing this for me so actually, if 30 mins 3 times a week is where I end up fir a bit ... It's up to me. I too am loving it. Went to buy running shoes at a proper running shop for the first time the other day, so exciting... Lol!!!

I hope you're getting on ok.. Let us know

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Re: week 4 trouble

Post by Vonnyh »

Hi Dan
how did you get on? I'm starting week 4 on Sat and slightly scared about the run. It's just so much longer runs than in week 3. I hope I'll make it.
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Re: week 4 trouble

Post by Dan »

Cheers for the advice everyone. Pace was definitely a problem, I have recently completed a week 4 run without having to take a break by sticking to more of a jog than a run. I'm going to stick to the week 4 routine for this week too, make sure I can complete it 3 times before moving on to week 5.

I think I tend to get carried away by the music I'm listening to as I run, if it's very up tempo rock or hip hop I run at a faster pace, almost with the beat. Going to put together a new playlist of mellower tunes...

will let you know I get on

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Re: week 4 trouble

Post by Lillian2611 »

Hi, Dan.

Week 4 will remain in my nightmares forever, I'm sure. :lol:

I've been blogging my Couch to 5K experience since I started and I just glanced at my first entry for the Week From Hell: yep, I described it as "evil".

I think it's too much of a jump, really, from Week 3, but on the other hand, it will get you through the rest of the program. I found I had to drop my pace from 4.5 mph to 4 mph to finish, however.

If you'd like to read my entries for that period - they're good for a laugh at the very least - they start here:

http://lillian2611.blogspot.com/2010/04 ... eater.html

If I can make it, you can. Believe it.
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Re: week 4 trouble

Post by redrunner »

I'm having this trouble with week 4 at the minute, today was my first day doing it, and I tend to alwasy get to this point of the program, hit a brick wall once or twice and give up. Saying that, last time I did this program I was 50lbs heavier so I did really think it would be easier this time.
It's probably as much mental as physical, I did try slow my pace.

I normally do my runs at home on my own treadmill, I tend to walk briskly at 4 - 4.5 mph
and vary my runs between 5.5 mph and 6.5mph

I think if I slow down any more than 5.5 I've reverted back to a brisk walk?

Any advice would be really really appreciated, giving up is not an option this time!!!
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