Couch to 21.1K

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Couch to 21.1K

Post by samjdalton »

On April 27th this year I started GetRunning. Those initial 60 second runs nearly killed me - it was all so hard, my legs hurt, I could barely breath and I had no idea how I was supposed to run for 30 minutes in only 9 weeks. At that time I was nearly 20 stone (275lbs) and knew I had to change my life in somehow.

But sure enough, 9 weeks later I graduated the programme and could run for 30 minutes and had run my first (and 2nd!) 5K in a little over that marker.

I went on to train to run for an hour, and 6 weeks later managed to do that and run a 10K in just over an hour.

Today, after another 5 weeks or so of training I ran a half marathon. 13.1 miles non-stop in 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Today I weigh a little under 14 stone (190lb). Running has meant everything to me. It's given me the motivation I needed to lose weight, and has given me the biggest thrill today in completing something that I would have never been able to even think about 4 short months ago.

If you are struggling with GetRunning, keep in mind my journey. If I can do it, *anyone* can do it. Have belief in the programme and give it your all and you will succeed
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Re: Couch to 21.1K

Post by Latestarter »

Wow! Way to make me feel that perhaps just completing my 25 min week 6 run 3 is not the achievement I felt it was! No, seriously, well done you, that is fantastic. I'm too old to think of running so far but I do think 5 k is within reach and that's fine for a 60 yr old woman. But stories like yours are great to hear. Hearty congratulations.
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Re: Couch to 21.1K

Post by KeepTrying »

Fantastic achievement. You should be justifiably proud. You are a fantastic inspiration to us. I was toying with doing a half marathon next spring. I think you have just cemented my resolve! :-). But I'd just better get through my w6r3 25min run tomorrow morning first! Thanks for sharing your story.
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Re: Couch to 21.1K

Post by Pushingit »

That is absolutely fantastic - you must be a whole new person - congratulations on a such a hard-earned achievement - don't think I'll ever do a marathon but I do look at other joggers that seem so move with so much ease and think to myself someday that will be me
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Re: Couch to 21.1K

Post by Dawn »

God - what an inspiration - Just brilliant to hear. Thanks for sharing...... I have lots of weight to lose - loving the running but not losing that much yet - lost about a stone....guess if i am honest i haven't done much to lose weight yet thoug....anyway - i will think of your story! :) Great!
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Re: Couch to 21.1K

Post by Ian »

I'm replying to this post just to get it up to the top again. It is absolutely inspirational Sam. I can't doubt that the app works after reading your story.

I'm looking forward to making the same journey.
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