Week 5-3

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Week 5-3

Post by Superdub49 »

I'm a little worried at the 12 minute gap between the last run and this next one. I was ok with eight minutes but im not sure if i can do 20. Any advice
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Re: Week 5-3

Post by samjdalton »

Go slow especially at the start. Start running at the pace you think it slow enough, and then slow down a bit more!

Also, break it down into 4 5 minute runs rather than the seemingly impenetrable 20 minutes, and just focus on getting through the next 5 minutes.

Most of all think positive - you can do it, and you *will* do it!
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Re: Week 5-3

Post by ajsoccer »

I just finished week 8 run 3 (28 min). What has helped me is to concentrate on running the entire time instead of worrying about speed or distance. This sometimes has meant that I'm running slowe than the week before on the first run, at least until I get the "feel" for the longer distance. After I finish week 9, my plan is to increase my speed until I can run the 5k in 30 min. Good luck!!
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Re: Week 5-3

Post by SheCutsHair »

You CAN do this!! Just know it and do it. You've come this far already. ;)
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Re: Week 5-3

Post by KeepTrying »

I shared your worries for the jump to the first 20 min run. But just think of it like the previous 2 x 8min runs joined together with an extra bit tagged on the end. It actually went fine. Good luck. Keep yr pace manageable. Enjoy!
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