Helpful link - How to lace running shoes

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Helpful link - How to lace running shoes

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If anyone (like me) are suffering with painful feet, heres a good link:

"Wide foot, narrow foot, high instep...? Here's a lacing solution for your problem" ... e/482.html

I hope it helps x
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Re: Helpful link - How to lace running shoes

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Wow! never knew lacing could be so technical! Thanks....
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Re: Helpful link - How to lace running shoes

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Typical- the week I get some lock laces, and I see this link telling me where I've been going wrong all these months :D

Really useful though - thanks for sharing the link

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Re: Helpful link - How to lace running shoes

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Reading some of these posts I realise how lucky I was in my first visit to a proper running shop. Despite me falling off the treadmill, to the mortification of accompanying daughter, the young lad helped me use said treadmill for the first time, analysed my gait, brought several suitable pairs of trainers to try and once I had chosen he laced them to suit my feet. When I said I felt my ankles felt a bit wobbly he did the lock laces at the top and the shoes felt perfect. He threw in a pair of groundhog running socks for free and I paid £80 for the trainers. I hadn't wanted to go to a running shop as I thought they would laugh me out of the shop but they were great.
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