New runner - bad feet!

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New runner - bad feet!

Post by Mudbunny »

Having read a few of the forum posts I am so happy to read the advice and encouragement that people have given - I started this running campaign today with the handy iPod app. and I emmensely enjoyed my first run!
It did, however, highlight that my 'running shoes' I bought 5 years ago aren't right for me!
I was, therefore, wondering if anybody could give me some advice on shoes that would suit my feet but not cost a fortune.
I have 'collapsing arches', probably due to years of constant deck shoe, dinghy boot and flip flop wearing and I also have incredibly hard skin on my soles. It makes running on roads quite uncomfortable and as I live in a city, grass is harder to come by!

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: New runner - bad feet!

Post by benjohn »


Well done on finishing your first run!

A five year old running shoe is likely to be pretty beaten up! In regular use, I think replacement after after half a year to a year is advisable! I know that Matt started getting his knee problems back after a year or so of running, and they went again with buying new shoes.

If you can, find a small and independent running shop. If you're in a reasonably big city, there's bound to be one there (it's to make up for the lack of available green space, I think – I'm not sure it's a fair exchange). They'll be very happy to give you plenty of advice. If they're good, they wont simply want you to buy the most expensive shoe they have. They'll be trying to find the kind of shoe that will best match your foot and help you.

Best regards,
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Re: New runner - bad feet!

Post by Biscottisblog »

Hi Mudbunny,

Take a look at the post 'Looking for new shoes? Read this'. Both myself and Toilet Duck had great advice via - I agree with Benjohn that shoes should be no older than 18 months. They gave us free gait analysis and catered for my above average foot size (female 8 1/2).

I have a full account of my Sweatshop experience - - I would love to get feedback from runners like yourself as I have only been doing it a couple of months and am finding out all this stuff as I go along!

Hope this helps! :D
Biscotti x
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