When's best to eat?

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When's best to eat?

Post by DebsWy »

I plan to go for my runs either first thing in the am or when I get back from work and have put the children to bed in the evening. When is the best time to eat? And what? Anyone know.... Help! In week 1 done run 2 and got terrible heartburn this evening!
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Re: When's best to eat?

Post by benjohn »

I was chatting on twitter with @radeeboi about having a blow out BBQ before a run. Not a good plan :-)

My approach is to have something light (like a banana on toast, or some cereal) about 20 minutes before, and avoid anything heavy for at least two and ideally three hours before.

If I run in the morning, I have a snack, run, and have breakfast when I get back.

If I run after work, I have a snack, run, and eat dinner when I get back.
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Re: When's best to eat?

Post by Biscottisblog »

Hi Debs,

I always run after work (I admire anyone that can get up early in the morning!) and try and eat regular snacks throughout the day.

7.10am Breakfast - 1 weetabix, scoop of museli, low fat yoghurt and orange juice
10.30am - 1 large chopped carrot and 4 cherry tomatoes
11.45 - handful of grapes
1pm - spinich, chicken and salsa wrap
2pm - apple or cereal bar
4.30pm - banana
5.45pm - Start running!
7.15pm Tea - fish/chicken, veggies, rice/pasta/potatoes

A trainer told me that you should treat your metabolism like a fire - stoke it regularly with snacks to keep it at its optimum, big meals dampen it down and make you feel sluggish. Personally, the banana gives me great energy but if I eat it too close to running, I get a terrible stitch. Any earlier than around an hour, I don't get the energy. You have to do what feels right for you!

Hope this is of some help!
biscottisblog.co.uk xx
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