Weight loss

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Weight loss

Post by JebaliciousEmt »

Hi, I'm new here, so if this topic has been addressed before I'm sorry for beating a dead horse. But to the point: I am a 20 y/o student and I am an emt. At work I have to eat what I can when I can due to the hectic nature of my job, so eating healthy is mostly out if the picture. I try to make healthy choices and pack my lunch when I attend classes but it doesn't really make a difference. I've read mixed reviews on the successfulness of this program as a weight loss tool, so I came to the source. What have you guys and gals seen in the way of weight loss from completing the program? I have never been much of a runner, i did weight training in highschool and some mixed martial arts, but due to a shoulder injury that's out of the picture now. I weighed in at 265 at 6' 2" w/o clothes tonight. I am hoping to see the loss of around 20 lbs before the end of the program. Is this too optimistic? Oh, I start day one tomorrow by the way. Thanks for reading. All comments are appreciated.
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Re: Weight loss

Post by Stephlperry76 »

I am on week 4 and I have lost 1 pound. From the reading I've done (and I have dropped 27 pounds on my own recently before starting the app)....weight loss is 80% eating and 20% exercise. I know your schedule sounds crazy. Mine is too. I'm a teacher and having time to eat is not always available. But, the advice I can give is to try your best to make time. You and your health are worth it. Journal your food. When you write it down, it makes you evaluate it. Try http://www.livestrong.com and look for myplate. It is free and it helps me to keep track of my eating. Good luck!
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Re: Weight loss

Post by Petra »

I've started the program in July and I've finished it in October. Since then, I'm doing 4 - 5 km runs twice a week. Unfortunately, I haven't lost a pound since I started the program (losing weight was one of the reasons to start with the program, apart from working on my general fitness).
Maybe I'm not a good example. I feel better, but I haven't noticed any improvement in my shape, let alone my weight...
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Re: Weight loss

Post by Jysmystry »

I was 18St 3lb when i started this and im 4 runs from the end and weigh 17st 1lb.

I have however been doing other exercise on now running days and have been at a constant minimum of 500 calories below BMR the whole time.

I think that running itself combined with a healthy diet will result in long term weight loss but the runs in this programme are short and low intensity so are unlikely to burn more than 3-400 calories at a time.

You will not See dramatic weight loss from this 9 week programme but this will start you running and that combined with a healthy diet will always result in gradual healthy weight loss. You will however definitely tone up, eapecially your legs and you will without question become much much fitter.
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Re: Weight loss

Post by caffrin »

I can only repeat my mantra

Running is for fitness, eating is for weight loss

You wont lose any weight unless you eat less. The muscle built up by running will help your body burn more calories but as Jysmystry has said - this is a low intensity programme, it's purely designed to build on your fitness, stamina and strength - not weight loss. I tracked my calories using MYNetDiary which I have on my phone and PC. It's really good. I only lost weight once I reduced my intake, plus it got easier to lose as I progressed through tthe programme and was running further.

Good luck with it. Dont lose heart by the numbers on the scales. Start with a fit heart and the rest comes easier. :D

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Re: Weight loss

Post by expat68 »

My eating habits haven't changed, so I haven't lost any weight - BUT my clothes are more comfortable and I look slimmer (so I'm told). It's definitely trimming the flab. Good luck! :)
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Re: Weight loss

Post by welshjo »

I am using the get running app in conjunction with dieting using mynetdiary app and I am losing around 2lb per week. Its surprising how easy it is to make healthy choices when you are logging everything you eat!
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Re: Weight loss

Post by starknut »

expat68 wrote:My eating habits haven't changed, so I haven't lost any weight - BUT my clothes are more comfortable and I look slimmer (so I'm told). It's definitely trimming the flab. Good luck! :)
Me too! Today I found I can fit my old jeans, which I haven't been able to wear since I got pregnant nearly three years ago. It was surprising, because I definitely haven't lost weight, according to the scale. But muscle is more dense than fat, so that would account for the scale not budging. It was quite an unexpected discovery, but I'm so pleased!
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Re: Weight loss

Post by nipponnay »

Part of the reason why I'm doing Get Running is to lose weight, the other part is to build up my stamina. I've been weighing myself once a week since the start of the year (since I started this app), and have been struggling to lose just 1lb! I haven't been eating like a saint, but I have been pretty good with my eating habits.

This week, I started using another app - Water Your Body. You stick in a few stats about yourself and your daily habits, and it tells you how much water you should be drinking throughout the day. I've drank the water I should be having all week, and today at weigh in, I had lost 2lb! Drinking the water is the only thing I've done different, so if you want to lose weight I highly recommend you give it a go! If you don't want to get the app (I can't remember how much it was), you should aim to drink about 8 glasses, or 2 litres of water a day.

Hope that helps!
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