Week 6 wk 1

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Week 6 wk 1

Post by capellagrl »

Well, never did I believe that I would be this far let alone consistent. My body is beginning to adjust to the runs and I do not feel like I need an oxygen tank or a new pair of legs as much. I train on an indoor track for it is a bit chilly here and dark by the time I get off work. I did brave the cold and went outside yesterday and it felt good for I am tired of running in circles. I have signed up for my first 5K in late April and I just want to run the race and no walking if possible even if I have to shuffle. Looking forward to moving on.

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Re: Week 6 wk 1

Post by Rfiveh2003 »

Congrats and as a newbie I am very excited after my first day.

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Re: Week 6 wk 1

Post by Stephlperry76 »

Congrats! I have 2 weeks left in the app and each week is so exciting. I've done two 5ks and I've improved so much because of this app. It's a great feeling to cross the finish line. It's addicting! You will love it! Keep up the great work!

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Re: Week 6 wk 1

Post by JoelGwood »

In the past 2 days, I've done 60 minutes of running and felt great about it! I still can't believe I'm actually enjoying running! :D Great job!

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