Strating out is so hard

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Strating out is so hard

Post by zanesdaddy »

I am 38 years old 5"9 235 pounds and I started my run today...OMG sooo hard. I did the warm up walk...pretty happy...first 1 min...ok not TOO 1 min was soo hard...could not do a third. :evil:

I had triple bypass surgery last year and really want to get healthy and my Dr said its ok to start running. My question is in all of your experience if I go out all the days that the app tells me too. How long till I will notice it getting not so hard? I do realize it could take months...but anyone have any pointers or advice?

Thank you in advance :D
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Re: Strating out is so hard

Post by starknut »

The general consensus around the forum is that the first three weeks are the toughest. I would have to agree: you are starting from nothing! And suddenly you're running! Building up that foundation, the stronger legs and a bit of lung conditioning, really is difficult. Add in the general soreness, and shin splints (if you get them, not everyone does!) it just flat-out stinks.

Please don't let that put you off, though: the other general consensus around the forum is that it gets better, even enjoyable. Having completed the program, I can tell you that it becomes the healthiest addiction you will ever have, and it sneaks up on you so gradually. You start off struggling, hating it, thinking this will never be anything but a chore, and then one day you wake up looking forward to your run. If you miss it, your whole day feels wrong.

Just take your time, repeat weeks as many times as you need to before you move on, and remember to STRETCH. Even this first week, you'll be amazed at your progress.
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Re: Strating out is so hard

Post by Shuffler »

Well done on starting. My first "run" was a joke - I couldn't manage a single one minute run. After three weeks on Week 1 I could do three consecutive runs as per instructions. Week 2 took me three weeks to master too. But Week 3 (after six weeks of exercising) I managed two 3 minute runs on Run 1 and have now repeated that three more times. It's amazing how progress does seem to happen. I'm not bothered about taking this long to get through the programme, as I'm making up for 57 years of sloth. Stick with it, and good luke!
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Re: Strating out is so hard

Post by JoelGwood »

zanesdaddy, I completely agree with all the others! For me, the first 3 weeks were the hardest, and I had a little difficulty getting myself out in the mornings to do the runs. But, as starknut said earlier, I eventually found myself looking forward to each run! I couldn't believe I was finally getting healthy, and enjoying it! Now, I've finished the program, and I have my first 5k run in 3 weeks. I can't wait!

For me, the biggest encouragement I found in those 9 weeks was by visiting these forums every day. Everyone's attitude is just amazing, and I always felt uplifted by knowing that I wasn't alone in my new-found struggle! So keep it up! You can most definitely do this! :D
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Re: Strating out is so hard

Post by Stephlperry76 »

I also agree. I'm 235 pounds and nearly quit the app on W1R1 but I kept going. I'm on week 8 now and I can't believe I've come this far. Keep with it. The reward at the end is worth it!!
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Re: Strating out is so hard

Post by Jealoussiren »

You keep repeating week one until it gets easier, and it will!!! If you got through a triple bypass, you can get through this!
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Re: Strating out is so hard

Post by TheDogAteMyName »

Starting out is hard! Just getting the idea to begin was difficult for me. I am now on Week 6 Run 3 and I love running. I am so excited for tomorrow's 25 minute run. What a difference the weeks make. You can do this. If I can and stick with it...anyone can. It doesn't matter what fancy gadgets or gear you have to take you on this journey, what completes it is sheer heart and determination. I can't wait to see your updates!
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Re: Strating out is so hard

Post by NeilHughes1 »

I started at 217 pounds and age 38 too, so know how hard it is my friend. Just building up to enter week 4 on the app but looking how far I have come since week 1 shows how well this app works.

Keep the faith, and keep going my friend you are in good company around here :)
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