Looking for recommendations for a 10K App

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Looking for recommendations for a 10K App

Post by saltedlolly »

I have just completed C25K and don't want to stop there!

Since there is currently no 10K follow up App to Get Running (hint! hint!), I am interested to know what Apps people have tried as a follow up? I am looking for a Bridge-to-10K app or similar.

What Apps did you try?
What worked best for you?
Which is the best, in your opinion?

Being British, I'd like to avoid the irritating US-centric voice prompts! It's nothing personal, but I just prefer a British voice shouting at me. My girlfriend is American - perhaps there is only so much abuse I can take! haha

Oh yeah, and it needs to be an iPhone app in my case. Feel free to recommend apps for Android/WinPhone etc. in this thread in case other people find the information useful.
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Re: Looking for recommendations for a 10K App

Post by starknut »

I used an app that a lot of people on the forums have recommended, it's simply called Bridge to 10k. You can pick from an American male voice, or a British female (I'm american, but I much preferred the sharper tones of the female voice, easier to hear). It was a decent app, but ultimately, I felt like it wasn't right for me: I hate hate hate intervals!
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Re: Looking for recommendations for a 10K App

Post by ssdguy »

Does the "Bridge to 10K" app allow you to increase the walk time? I would prefer to walk 2-3 min in between the runs. I look forward to starting this app after my 5k in July.
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