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Should i race

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:46 pm
by Carlos_wsop
Hi , I've a 10k race this Sunday and I've been struggling with an ITB problem which started 2 weeks ago , I took a complete week off which improved it no end and this week I've run 3 miles on Monday and 4 miles Wednesday with just a slight aching but nothing to worry about so I thought things were looking good . Problem is today I went out for a 3 mile steady jog and had to pull up suddenly after 2.5 miles after I jarred my knee , so I started walking home a bit down thinking I'm out of Sundays race but the pain immediately subsided and I was able to have a short jog home with no ill effects just the aching I've been getting , I'm gonna try a brief 1 mile run Sat morn to see how it feels , my only worry is I've lost confidence as to wether my knee will hold up or not , as I write this I feel I could run but I do still have the aching there , I guess really only I'm the one that can say if I'm fit to run or not but wondered if anyone else had a similar situation and what you did , as I say I've no real pain just and aching feeling its just this doubt I've got ,
Many thanks for any advice I get


Re: Should i race

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:19 pm
by Carlos_wsop
In case anybody was interested , I decided to run the 10k race with my knee strapped up and I managed to complete it without any walking . Glad I used the strapping as my knee was aching alot at the end but at least I could run ok , so for saying I took it quite easy for the 1st half of the race I was pleased with my time of 55mins 40secs .