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Interval apps?

Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2014 12:02 am
by Jazzylynn88
I have finished the c25k once and have been redoing it. I recently completed an 8k and I used the get running app to time my intervals and to motivate me to keep running. Problem is that the race is usually longer than the app runs. I was wondering if anybody knows of some good interval apps that will help me keep my pace and keep me motivated during a run.

Re: Interval apps?

Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:36 am
by Joanne9071
I use the zombie run app and I love it. It's good fun

Re: Interval apps?

Posted: Fri Oct 17, 2014 6:13 pm
by alanmcd
I really love iSmoothRun. It does everything you could ask, including exporting to the new iOS health app, exports to nearly every Internet running site, and is updated continually with more capabilities.

I currently have four runs programmed into iSmoothRun:
A: 1min warmup, 2x 15min steady at PB+30, with 10 min walk between
B: 1min warmup, 20x 1min/1min intervals at PB -30
C: 1min warmup, 5x 5min/5min intervals at PB - 15
D: 1min warmup, free run for 5 km.

iSmoothRun does intervals by time or distance with recovery intervals by time or distance, with pace announcements and ghost runner prompts to tell you "faster", "steady", or "slower" and how far ahead or behind the target pace.

Statistics are kept for the total run, for distance splits, and also for each interval.

I like to export to RunKeeper which displays smoothed pace and heart rate graphs very accurately, and I export to Nike+ simply for history since I started with a Nike band about seven years ago.