A year later - first 6k

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A year later - first 6k

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It is almost a year since I did my W9R3 which I extended to be my first 5k, and this week I celebrated my first 6k. I signed up for an upcoming turkey-trot 6k so I had to prove to myself I could run that far.

After completing my GetRunning program last year, I continued to run two 5k runs each week and play tennis twice a week for about four months until a terrible tennis injury knocked me completely off my feet for three weeks. My injuries took three months to heal, after which I began running short distances to ease back into running.

So now I am happy to be "sort of back" running. My 5k time was 40:05 or 8:01 per km which is quite a bit slower than my prior times, but it really feels great to know I can do 5k and even keep running for another Km.

I tried to run 5k the week prior and failed, apparently because I was trying to use a ghost runner to pace myself for 7:25.

For my 6k, I turned off the pace cues completely. It is interesting that my pace/splits for the 6k started at 7:19, gradually rising 7:34, 8:04, 8:40, 8:50, till the final km at 9:17 !!

The Florida heat and humidity may also be a factor in my slowness, but I'm running; That is all that really matters - Get Running!

BTW, my running shoes have recently hit 550 km and are just about ready to be replaced.

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