What should we do next?!

Finished Get Running? Tell us how you did, and chat with other Get Running graduates about what to do next!
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by Biscottisblog »


I love using Get Running for my outdoor runs as the feedback is soooooooo valuable, especially when you are trying out a slightly longer run. My wishlist of extras would be;

1) a 10k app
2) GPS
3) a time update for the last 3 minutes e.g. you have 3 minutes left to go, you have 2 minutes left to go, 1 more minute to go - I would find this especially helpful when I'm on a longer run as even an extra few minutes feels like forever!

I think it is clear from the forum that you have a loyal following and we would all happily pay for updates... please, please, please find some geek time to implement some updates! :D

Happy Running! :D
Biscotti x
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by violabird »

I've only started recently, and I already love this app so much I'm wondering what I'm going to do when it finishes! I downloaded the app because I have a long term goal to run the London Marathon, and as I'm totally unfit I needed to start somewhere! I looked at all the apps and read the reviews, and liked the look of this one particularly because other people said they found the voice encouraging and I liked the way each run gets ticked off so you can clearly see your progress. I think you really need to extend the app so that people can train for longer distances - either as a separate app or paid for update to this app. I agree with a previous poster who said that the strength is in the name of this app - it makes it more about getting out there and doing it rather than a specific target, but we all need something to aim for if we are to improve, and I for one will definitely want to carry on when I've reached 5K.
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by Bassbaritone »

I'd second much of what has already been said here. This app has truly changed my life and I worry that when the programme runs out I'll go back to square one!
I don't need any new animations/graphics or and other bells or whistles. I would just like exactly the same format, and the same encouraging audio to take me from 5k to 8k, 10k, half marathon and marathon. I don't know if it's possible to buy app plug ins or add ons or whatever or whether one has to buy a new app, but either way I'm waiting to hand over the money! Get Running is a perfect app, please make the extension!

With grateful thanks

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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by Lorna »

Got to agree with bassbaritone. I'm starting week 9 on Saturday and am wondering where I go next. Get Running suits me - I know exactly which days I'm going out and have built it into my weekly routine. I downloaded another app but the schedule is pretty random and it assumes that you want to train for an event (which I don't). And, strangely enough, I like my imaginary running partner talking to me!

Anyone out there got any clever ideas what I can do next?
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by Ellongirl »

Hi, just joined forum today and find myself already thinking about the next stage! Can i ask i see people talking about c25k what is this and is this something i could do after the 5k app? I certainly would like to see a progressive route from the 5k. I may never ever do a marathon but i would like my running journey to have some continuity. I wouldnt ever have taken up running without the 5k app and i thank you for that!! :)

After a bit of searching i now realise c25k is another version of the one get running does sorry for my ignorance!!
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by MissCassandra »

Please hurry and make a new running program as I'm nearly finished Get Running. I like being told how far through the run I am and were the halfway point is. Maybe you could also design a program which alternates between running and exercises.
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by sweetmochi »

Am really excited to see a 10k app in the future! I've signed up for Bridge to Brisbane (10km charity event) tomorrow and I'll definitely be using Get Running to get me through the first 5k's! Not sure what to do for the next 5k, maybe just replay the 30 minute run or see if I'm still standing / crawling at that point. :P
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by Lovelylight »

Oh Benjohn. We need that next app. Put down your mysterious new project and get to work on the next running app for all your graduates!!
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by benjohn »

I'm working on it :-)
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by Lovelylight »

How will we know when the new app is ready. I found the current 9 week progamme by accident. Do we just need to checking the forum?
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