What should we do next?!

Finished Get Running? Tell us how you did, and chat with other Get Running graduates about what to do next!
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by jarickc »

I am guessing that no progress has been made on this still? I found this app after failing to complete C25K twice before. This time is different. Your app allows me to not have to think about looking at my watch or counting down times. I love the integration with music. I really hope you wind up making apps for 10K bridge, 1 hour runner, half marathon, and full marathon. I could really care less about GPS it is all about running for the right amount of time for me. If I want to know my distance I can look at google maps.
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by tanel »

my thoughts: a dedicated "keep running" 5to10k app, with an even more "personal" trainer.

there are already many well accomplished running apps out there, from training programs similar to GR to fully armed swiss knifes which try to do everything, and actually manage it well. but what — for me — brought out GR from the rest is the "personal" approach: that so familiar and kind "human" trainer, who encouraged and taught me how to run. i felt like having a true human professional coach by my side. at start, whenever i was 75/25 whether to keep running or not, GR gave me that 25% extra nudge to just do it. at one point i found myself talking back to the app (luckily enough noticed it, called a few old friend and had some beers later).

this is where I think GR's magic comes from and it would only be logical to build upon it. people want to continue on improving (10k yeah yeah yeah), and they want to have that personal professional by their side, not an automated robotic voice. we already have superb apps for tracking our progress, for improving socially etc. but we miss that friendly "today we're going to run…".
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by benjohn »

Thanks. It's good to hear that neither of you are particularly interested in the GPS, but it is the personal features of Get Running that you like. I was talking to Matt about it last week, and he got me thinking the same way. I'm sorry about the continued lack of progress on a 10K and further App, and thanks for your encouragement to get on with it!
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by andywebb »

Great news Ben! Using your app has been absolutely superb and look forward to the next delivery.

For me, I'm only really looking to keep healthy and weight down. 10k would be good, but I would really like another app in the attractive style of GetRunning that was for basic toning exercises (eg sit ups, crunches, press ups,etc).
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by Overlay »

Like everyone else I love this app. I'm nearing the end and i'd like to push on now. Reading back over this thread it looks like you guys have missed a trick. Why not just more of the same but trying to increase the running time, keeping the encouraging and likeable voice (which is the secret to this for me). I'd buy it without even thinking about it.
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by Andyt21 »

First off thanks Ben, along with many others on this forum and a lot more who don't post, I think you have created a great app. So where next? That difficult second album moment eh? Having read through this thread there are some great ideas and some that, as has been pointed out, can be found elsewhere in iPhone world. I occasionally use a gps tracker just to check my speed, pace or distance but not every time. So what did people like about this app over others? The encouragement and reminders. Longer runs are the obvious answer but to be honest I already noticed I didn't need the five minute reminders so what woud the app be? Not a lot really. I just pick a run from the later weeks and use that now if I wanted longer I would repeat. No, the missing bit is to provide a simple option to set your own time and coach just talks you through warm up, run and cool down. Problem is that not many of us will buy. So how about looking at interval training. You set the intervals for us to start with then let us decide when we are used to them. Now there's a package I would pay for. I think it's called Fartleks and I look forward to coach Claire saying today we are going to run fartleks.
All the best and look forward to the next installments.
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by Runkat »


As you guys haven't developed it yet I think I'm going to use
Nike+ ... You can track runs and it's really easy to use and looks sleek yet
simple enough to use.
You do need a pocket sensor if you want to officially track pace etc.
But you can just set your own time or distance.
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by missho »

Hey Splendid Things team, congrats on creating such a fantastic app. I loved using it, and I'm sure I wouldn't have made it this far through the c25k program without it!

I think the voice prompts that count down in blocks of 5 mins is what sets your app apart and what I'll miss the most when I graduate the c25k in a couple of weeks.

Please do another app! 8km or 10km, I'm not fussy but running won't be the same without that soothing voice in my ear.
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by forfunzies »

Also here to encourage you to make a 10k app. I would definitely buy it - not sure how much I'm going to like running without my supportive British voice helping me out!

Please please please!
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Re: What should we do next?!

Post by rungirlrun »

Please please produce a follow on app. I find this to be the best coaching app of those available - the others don't motivate you in quite the same way and I'd like to use this app long term.
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