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Finished Get Running? Tell us how you did, and chat with other Get Running graduates about what to do next!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Henry »

Name: Henry
Area: Cambridgeshire / Norfolk UK
Completed: 22 January 2011

Just completed my third 30 min run this morning, and still felt great :-)

Still not quite running the full 5K in 30 min but at the minute I'm at about 4.6K so need to speed up a little.

I would like to add my thanks to the get running app team, which managed to get a 40+ something 20+ stone man running non stop for 30 min in 9 weeks dead.

Let me add my vote for a 5K - 10K app, I know the team are working on it... but I'll only be able to re-run week 9 for so long :-)

Thanks again,

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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by AndiNZ »

Name: Andrea
Area: New Zealand
Completed: Today! 2 March 2011
Comments: I have never been a runner in my life, but now, thanks to this app, I really am! Your programme was recommended on a blog I read, and I had a look, and went, "I can do that...". Turns out, I was right. :mrgreen:

I've really enjoyed Get Running, even though the toughest part for me was around week 6 and 7, I really struggled with some of those sessions. I will miss the calm encouragement of the lovely Clare, but I fully intend to Keep Running from here on. :D

Thanks to everyone involved for developing Get Running. Like so many others, I wish there was an extension programme to carry on from here, but we have a saying - 'good things take time'. Thanks again for providing such a nice, user-friendly little application.
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Freched1982 »

Hooray!!!! Finished week 9 run 3 on March 27th. At the seasoned age of 57, I began the Get Running journey to challenge myself. I have always enjoyed walking and biking outdoors. When I would pass by joggers and runners I asked myself, "Could I do that?" After a bit of research I discovered this wonderful tool to get me started. The "sweet coach in my ear" kept me on track and motivated me. I still find it hard to believe I can actually run 30 minutes straight through. The programs pacing is perfect! Thank you for helping me reach a goal I thought was unattainable. I have signed on for two 5Ks in April and plan to target one race per month. In the meanwhile, I will work on systematically increasing time and speed. Looking forward to your sequel Ben Jon. Hope to see it online soon! :)
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by PMJW »

Name: Phillip
Area: Swansea, South Wales.
Completed: 11th April 2011

Comments: Really enjoyed the programme and it is a great programme. I am so happy that I have completed it.
9 weeks ago I was really struggling to run for longer than 1 minute and now I am running 30 minutes non-stop. I am feeling fitter and losing some weight.

This is a great app and I am now looking to continue by using Runkeeper but would prefer you make a 10k app as I am now seriously considering training for the Swansea Bay 10k. I am also intending mprove my distance over 30mins and 5k time as well.

Well done to everyone who has completed and good luck to those still running it!!!! Keep Moving On!!!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Dee »

I finished Get Running! Although I was expecting a small fanfare, applause or at least a moderate drum roll at the end of Week 9 Run 3! Great app, and it was so easy to use! It is a pity there isn't a 10 K version!

Many thanks Get Running!

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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Fiteresa »

I made it. Straight through and on target. I can hardly believe that 9 weeks ago I had such difficulty imagining getting here. I finally made it outside and off the treadmill for my final run on Saturday - ran a 5k course through the woods. I also signed up for my first race, 4 weeks away. And today I did another outdoor run. Working with Runkeeper and Podrunner to improve my pace once I have achieved a pace of 10min/mile I will start increasing the time/distance.
I really feel like a runner & I've dropped 25lbs. Feeling great thanks ! And to top it all off, my husband is starting the program tomorrow. I think he's afraid that he won't be able to catch me ;-)
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Gayle »

Another graduate here :D

I completed my first proper 5k yesterday at the Race for Life event in Glasgow. I completed the 5k in 26 minutes 30 seconds so I was well chuffed with myself! Also raised £175 in the process.
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by pete »

Good morning and hello from Austria!!!

Finished this morning 05.55 a.m. the 9 weeks of GetRunning. Thks for your gr8 applications.

In the past I started a lot of times with the try to become a runner. I always failed. This year was different, I succeeded.
See the blog @ www.damopet.at/wp (unfortunately only in German so far, as I'm short of time - maybe I solve this in future ;-)

Thks once more
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by samjdalton »

I completed the programme this morning - 20th July - and it has been the best thing I've done in a long long time. It's amazing that the programme pushes you just fa enough at each stage to stretch you, but it's always possible!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by caffrin »

Name: Catherine
Area: Surrey UK
Completed: 25th June 2011 during a 5k parkrun!!!
Comments : Woohoo I finished! Probably the best running app in the world ;) This has literally changed my life. The pace of the programme was just perfect - even including the dreaded week 5 run 3! I feel elated but at the same time a little bereft. What am I going to do on Tuesday :( My immediate plan is to get faster and fitter for my Saturday morning 5k parkruns. Does anyone have an app for that?
Happy running x
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