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Finished Get Running? Tell us how you did, and chat with other Get Running graduates about what to do next!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by altoes »

Name: Al
Area: London
Completed: 11th July
Comments: Great sense of achievement to have stuck it out to the end and feel a lot better for it. 1st 5k race coming up in two weeks and then who knows.....
Could do with your help to 10k but thanks for this great start :D
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Gilbert »

Name: Gilbert
Area: Chandler, AZ, USA
Completed: July 15, 2010
Comments: I can't believe I've completed it. Looking back I didn't think I could make it past week 5. I fell off the wagon once and then had to repeat a week here and there but here I am. Thanks so much for the great app. I'm still running just below 5k in the 30mins (need another .3k) but I'm going to continue to use the app to get there. I've actually been using the extra 5 minutes of cooldown time as extra time to run. :) Frankly I couldn't have done it without the gal pushing me on. I will miss her voice when I've moved on...unless you guys release an extended app! :)

Thanks again!!!!!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Hruns! »

I finished yesterday! It's something I never thought I could achieve, I remember looking at this thread weeks ago and being amazed that people could run for 30mins, now I am one of them :-) still need to work on the distance but going to keep at it. Thanks Get Running!!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Suzilou »

Name: Suzanne
Area: Leyland UK
Completed: Thursday 5th august
Comments: Without this app I don't think I would have been able to run for 30 mins. I had previously tried a running plan from a book but trying to keep track of whether I should have been running or walking proved a challenge on times! For those of you reading this who are yet to start or in the early weeks my message is this - believe in yourself & listen to your body. If being able to run for longer means slowing your pace then that is what should be done!
I am elated that I have been able to get to 30 minutes and will now aim to get to 1 hour.

Thanks for a fantastic app which I have recommended to several friends. X
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Lorna »

Name: Lorna
Age: 48
Area: Coatbridge, Scotland
Completed: 11th August
Comments: Did it!! :P Would never have believed it nine weeks ago! Distance wasn't that good tonight (about 2.8 miles) and the last 10 minutes were a struggle (stating the obvious now but I don't recommend that you eat a bowl of chilli before you run). At the end, it all felt a bit of an anti-climax! (I think I was more excited when I managed wk 5, run 3.) My plan is that I'll continue and work on distance and speed - I've no aspirations to race or do marathons, just to keep fit.

The forum has been a big help - don't think there are any other apps out there that offer this facility so I'll continue dipping in. On the question of weight loss on the Starting Line forum, I lost 2lbs. And I don't ever think I'd be brave enough to go bare foot! And I HATE treadmills! And Ithe music that I run to is the marvellous Paolo Nutini!

The app has been fantastic (thanks, Benjohn!) - it really gave me the focus I needed to do it. Will make sure that I give you 5 stars on iTunes.
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by ycusteau »

Name: Yves
Area: Blainville, Quebec, Canada
Completed: August 13th 2010
Comments: This app really got me out of the couch !! I am very proud to have completed the 9 weeks (well it took me 12 weeks actually since I repeated some weeks (read; WEEK 5 !!!). I can't believe I'm running around the neighbourhood... in the past even walking the same distance would get me sick... As a bonus I also started loosing weight !!! Running has seriously reduced my taste for junk food and made me more reasonnable towards food... It is easier to resist to sugar but I still have NO will power in front of a Doritos bag ;-).

I am really happy that I downloaded this app, it really helped me get a grip on my well being. I feel much better now and running is now part of my life.

Goal: I finished Week #9 Run #3 in 4.3km..... So I will repeat Week 9 for a while and try to achieve 5km within the 30 minutes !!

Thanks Benjohn !!!

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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Chrysanthemum5 »

Name Donna
Area Edinburgh
Completed 24 August 2010
Comments Finished! Like the others I was hoping for more of a fanfare
at the end but I am really pleased with myself. Thanks for a great app
planning on keeping on using it to work up to 5k and I
echo the requests for a 10k app!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by sweetmochi »

Name: Agnes
Area: Brisbane, Australia
Completed: August 4, 2010 (Wednesday)
Comments: I've always had fairly reasonable cardio health (I could do kickboxing for an hour, for example)... but could never run! I would huff and puff after 30 seconds or so. After Get Running I figured out how to pace myself and slowly and steadily run 30 mins. Thank you so much! I'm chuffed at the newly learned life skill. I would never have been able to do it without Get Running.
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by soobeeca »

Name: Susan
Area: Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date Completed: September 2, 2010
Comments: Started running the end of June, have run four 5 k races while doing the program and have improved my time with each race. I am now planning on doing the bridge to 10k and my husband has started the Get Running program
Great program, Thanks
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Likeacat »

Name: Lisa
Area: Midwest, U.S.
Completed: September 4, 2010
Comments: I have always wanted to participate in 5K events as a runner, but kept procrastinating. In the past, all my efforts at running failed. Too much. Too soon. With this program I eased into running, which is exactly what I needed to do to succeed. The voice prompts kept me from having to wear a watch, and the music pause and restart allowed me to concentrate on my breathing and pace. This program gave me the structure that I needed to become a runner.
Thank you.
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