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Finished Get Running? Tell us how you did, and chat with other Get Running graduates about what to do next!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Bassbaritone »

Name: Jamie
Area: Winchester, UK
Completed: 15th May 2011
Comments: I have not only completed the C25K programme, losing 5 stone and 8 inches in the process, but have also, just this morning, finished the Bridge to 10k programme, running my first 10k in 59 minutes.
I really don't think I could have done it without the Get Running app which I am always recommending to friends! If only there was another for 16k/10miles and beyond!
Thank you to the creators for helping me literally change my life.

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Roll of honour 

Post by Uruguayan »

It's been some days since I had my last run, but never too late to enter the Roll of Honour.

I began the programme in March and finished in June, after an interval of several days without running due to travel and academic duties in Latin America and Asia. During the past weeks I have run in Holland, in Uruguay, in India, in Spain, in Dominican Republic and Mexico, in sunny and hot weather and in cold and rainy days, discovering the joy of running.

For a 47 year old man who had never practised any sport before, having been able to finish the programme feels like a big accomplishment. At certain moment I was afraid I wouldn't cope with the increasing length of each run, but today I'm able to run 5k in 30 minutes, with plans to increase my speed and extend my lung and muscle capacities until I'm able to run at least for an hour and/or 10k. I was hoping that around this time Benjohn would have given us already a new and expanded version of Get Running, but I guess for the moment I'll have to be happy with B210K, which is clearly not as good as this app.

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement (reading you forum entries really helped me to get here!) and success in your future runs.

Benjohn: a big gracias to you and please give us a Spanish version of Get Running!


Emma Lisa
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Emma Lisa »

Name: Emma Goldschmied
Location: London SE1
Date completed: 4th July

Actually can't believe am running for 30mins now. I've always avoided running as much as possible but reluctantly gave this app a go after my chiropractor spelled it out that I had to start doing some cardio for the sake of my poor back. It took more like 11 weeks but finished on Monday and have been out twice since. My new favourite thing is listening to audiobooks instead of music (currently have Agassi's autobiography), which took me 5.6k today. Expect I will be happy to continue consolidating my progress with the week 9 schedule for a little while but will be hanging on for the next level from Get Running...
Thanks for the app.
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by samantha »

Name: Samantha
Location: Leicestershire, UK
Date: 13th July 2011

It feels amazing, quite simply :)
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by urbanrunner »

Name: Urbanrunner (legitimate now!!)
Location: North London
Date: 21st July 2011

That's it - I've graduated!! Husband joined me in week 5 he's still much faster than me but WHO CARES? I can run for 30 minutes, I still look like a tomato but I'm a smaller one (I've lost a stone with the help of my fitness pal) I loved doing the two things together. When the weight didn't move the running did and when the running got hard I lost more weight.

Of course I'm going to ask (like many other graduates) please benjohn 10k version. Thank you for creating a brilliant app and changing another persons life.
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Jimster »

Name: Jim
Location: Hackney, London
Date Completed: 24th July 2011

Get Running and the C25K program have been great. Many thanks for getting me this far!

Like everyone else, I struggled in the beginning. My shins were killing me up until week 4, so I guess I got stronger, or something. I also repeated week 6 because I struggled to complete W6R2. Probably not really necessary, in hindsight. Week 8 felt great (difficult, but great).

I feel like a runner now. Thanks again. :D

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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by chipset »

Name: Thomas
Location: Frisco, Texas
Date Completed: Aug 10, 2011

I had my own share of problems between the travel schedule and hotter than hell weather. But last night at 11:00 pm, I got on a treadmill and punched through the finish. It was the only session I did on a treadmill. In some ways much easier, but I prefer sweating outside.

Good luck all!!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Oliviaw28 »

Name: Olivia
Philadelphia, PA
Completed: August 13, 2011
Comments: tomorrow I will complete my last run with this app and my run will be a 5k for Crohns disease. I'm so happy and proud of myself. This app is fantastic and I have highly recommended it to others. I plan to keep running with her because I'm a creature of habit and find her voice soothing. Thank you for a great, motivating app and forum!

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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by russellelly »

Chris, London SE10, completed a few weeks ago.

Thought I'd add myself to the list. Finished a few weeks ago, since then I've ran a 5.6k race, done a few ParkRuns and today ran longest time so far, 40 minutes. Hoping to get a 10k or more in soon, and have my eye on a marathon within the next two years :D What's more, I've gone from hating the runs to really looking forward to them and pushing myself more each time. Well done to all on the thread!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Photoad »

Finished today and I can hardly beleive it. 9 weeks ago I was a chubby man in his early 40s sucking wind after struggling through one minute of running. My shins were on fire. Today I am still in my early 40s (though it feels less so now ) and only slightly less chubby, but I can run 30 minutes and cover almost 3 miles. Suck on that! The best part of it all is that those 30 minutes are all mine. No email. No meetings. No toddler tantrums. What started grudgingly as a workout has become a luxury that I look forward to every other day. Awesome.
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