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Finished Get Running? Tell us how you did, and chat with other Get Running graduates about what to do next!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by JoelGwood »

Name: Joel
Location: Oblong, IL, USA
Age: 18
Finished: February 24, 2012
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Finished! 9 weeks ago, it was impossible to envision myself being this successful and able! I can't believe that I just ran for 30 minutes straight, and I enjoyed it! I might be finished with this program, but there is no way that I'm done running! I can't wait to see what kind of milestones I have yet to achieve, and I hope one day to even run something as ridiculously far as a marathon! Coach Clair has taught me that NOTHING is impossible when it comes to running, so I've just gotta keep going, and remember that no matter how long my journey may be, it all starts with 1 step...
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Runkat »

Name: Debby
Location: Scotland UK

I'm finished!!!! But I've just began a new journey.
Looking forward to life as a runner. In training for a 10k.
I'm buzzing!! :)
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by RooferB »

Name: Ruth
Area: Glasgow, UK
Completed: 16th March 2012
Comments: Inspired by Charlie Brooker, I started the app on the 2nd January. After a couple of set-backs due to a nasty cold and general laziness, I have finished today! Hurrah! I have been running longer than the 30mins and today reached 5.7km. Really pleased with myself and not really sure where to go from here though. Don't think I can run without the lovely wee voice in my ear pushing me on. I may give the Zombies, Run! app a go for fun but a 5 to 10k app would be excellent, pleeeease! :)
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Stephlperry76 »

Name: Stephanie
Area: Richmond, California (USA)
Completed: March 17th, 2012
Age: 35

Comments: Wow! Week 1 I almost quit because of the excruciating pain in my legs. I didn't give in and nine weeks later, I'm done! I'm also crazy enough to think I'm going to start training to complete a full marathon. This app has put that dream in my mind. Thanks Get Running!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by missmolly58 »

Name: Darlene
Area: Elizabethtown, KY. USA
Completed: March 19, 2012
Age: 58

So happy and proud to have done this. Kept plugging away. Still have some work to go to be able to run a whole 5K. Great App!!!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Susank66 »

Name: Susan
Area: Hove, UK
Completed: 21 March2012
Comments: Brilliant running programme. I've managed to get through it without 1 injury - and that is saying something with my knees :)
Treated myself to a new pair of Brooks trainers as reward - now just waiting for the 5-10k Get Running .....PLEASE
In the meantime I will be running with zombiesrun app - great for getting the speed up at least!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Nae »

Name: Nadine
Area: Charlotte, NC
Completed: 24 March 2012
Comments: Wow!! THANK YOU!!! Today I used the last day of the Get Runnimg 9-week program to complete my FIRST EVER 5K. (32.31) I'm 40 years old and prior to this app, was not a runner. I am now. Next thing: 10k :D
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Ambrose »

Name: Ambrose
Age: 39
Area: Vancouver. CAN
Completed: March 23/12

Thanks everyone for the support and advice. Still can not believe how far I've come. Many thanks to Ben and the develpers of this app it's been a life changer for me and my family. Keep running everyone.
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Pushingit »

Name: Liz
Area: Tipperary, Ireland
Completed: 3rd April 2012

I am so proud of myself for completing this programme. I think it's the first exercise programme I have ever fully completed and no cheating! Thank you to the designers of this programme - I recommend it to everyone that wants to start getting active.

I've completed the programme on a treadmill, so the next step for me is to get a bit further in the 30 mins and then take to the tarmac & go public with my jogging and hopefully by the end of the summer do an official 5K run.

Well done to everyone who has completed this programme - it was so worth it
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by matt »

Awesome! Well done, everyone :D
Matt. Splendid Things web guy and Android developer. Started running with Get Running in 2009. Three 10Ks and six half-marathons done since then :)
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