Best App to use after B210k?

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Best App to use after B210k?

Post by Jelly_belly_xx »

Hi there!

I completed the get running app and then due to the absence of a get running app to take me further, I then moved on to the B210k.

I have completed the B210k and am thinking of now moving on to a half marathon app like Hal higdon. Has anyone tried this app or can you recommend an alternative?

Oh how I wish there was a get running series if apps right up to full marathon :-(
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Re: Best App to use after B210k?

Post by TheDogAteMyName »

Just bumping this thread!

I've completed all of my runs with this app and purchased Bridge210k. I am now wondering what to do after I finish that one.

I so miss the comforting voice and reassurance :(
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