how much stretching after?

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how much stretching after?

Post by Fliss »

I'm only on week 2 and thoroughly enjoying it so far - I think the fact that it's stopped raining has helped!

I'm wondering how long I should stretch all the various muscles after finishing my half hour of walk/run. One of the reasons I'm asking is that since yesterday's run I've had an intermittent pain at the back of one knee when I move after sitting still although it seems fine while I'm out walking the dog.

Is it because I stretched too little or too much afterwards and are some stretches more important than others?
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Re: how much stretching after?

Post by AKR »

I can't give advice about how long, but i cant tell you what i do ;)
I bought and installed this wonderful app called YogaStudio. Half an hour yoga after run and voila!
Streches all the muscels and opens up hip muscels. Not a run without yoga afterwards for me :)
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